Broken Denture Emergency Treatments

Do you have a broken denture? Cracked or split denture? Emergency Dentist Dental Practice 24 hour emergency dentists* can help you; our talented multi lingual talented team of qualified dentist can easily fix your broken dentures. Although easy to fix, it is advised not to do yourself, as this may further damage your dentures.

Your dentures can break for a variety of reason and you're advised to change your dentures approximately every seven years or so. This is due to the fact, as you grow older the shape of your face and jaw will change and your dentures will naturally become loose and more ill-fitting.

How do Dentures Break

Dentures can break in different way, of course not all of these damages mean you must have an emergency treatment, Your dentures can become stained of chipped, while it is best to have them looked at and get them repaired as soon as possible, you may not feel it to be an emergency.

However, it is also possible your dentures can crack or become completely broken, which will make them difficult to repair and doing it yourself is not advised. As broken dentures will make usual daily tasks such as talking and chewing difficult it is advisable to have them looked at and repaired as soon as possible.

The difficulty of repairing broken denture entirely depends on how damaged your dentures are. Cracked dentures are relatively easy to fix and can usually be bonded back together in a short time. Similarly if teeth fall out, make sure you do not loose these as they can be re attached for you.

Broken dentures can sometimes be more problematic, but not impossible. If you have all the pieces, they can be put back together similar to a jigsaw puzzle, however if you are missing gaps, it may be a case that your broken dentures need to be replaced.

How to look after your dentures

Your dentures deteriorate over time, this is a fact. They are also quite fragile too, so it is not unusual for them to be accidentally dropped in the sink or on the floor while being removed.

The best approach you can take to looking after your dentures is to ensure that you are keeping them clean. Brush them regularly, rinse them thoroughly and soak your dentures regularly overnight in an appropriate solution.

Are there any permanent alternatives to dentures?

One solution of this type is dental implants.

Dental implants are designed to be complete replacements for extracted or lost teeth so that your bite remains consistent. The implants are made from titanium, which is fixed permanently into your jaw bone. These are then topped with the final prosthetic work which will replace your denture. However, they are fixed permanently into the jawbone by a vertical metal rod, which makes them much more durable.

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Emergency Broken Denture Treatments