Bleeding gums: are they an emergency?

There are many different kinds of unsettling things that can happen in a persons mouth that will upset them and may even unsettle them entirely. But once you enter the emergency room, the dentist gives you a look like you are wasting his time, and after agreeing to treat you, tells you to never come back to the emergency room again with this problem, because it can be dealt with at a normal appointment. Of course, you did not know, and now feel guilty and upset. It is best to avoid such situations, and this article will help you in doing so, by focusing on one of the most misunderstood issues of all time: bleeding gums. 

What constitutes an emergency?

A dental emergency is a problem that is severe enough that it affects your everyday life. It is a situation in which you can’t function the way you usually would: either because of pain, whether it is constant or only reoccuring in certain situations, if your eating,speech, drinking, or in general your life is affected by a situation, you are dealing with a dental emergency. Sometimes pain is not even so much the issue, as the teeth may have broken down or deteriorated to the extent where it just does not work anymore, or perhaps bleeding or mouth dryness is causing you pain or making eating certain foods impossible. If this occurs, you are dealing with a dental emergency, and you should go to an emergency dentist immediately. 


Bleeding is extremely scary. Seeing your own blood, especially if you are not used to it, is frightening, and blood coming from the mouth is also very frightening, but usually it does not constitute an emergency, however, it is a sign that you need to go to the dentist for a check up as quickly as possible. However, sometimes it can be a legitimate emergency. If the bleeding is accompanied by sudden shrinkage, or swelling of the gums, than the situation is in fact a dental emergency and you need to go to the dentist immediately. If the bleeding is accompanied by pain, you need to go the dentist immediately. If the bleeding is sudden and is a result of a trauma, you need to go and deal with it as soon as possible.