Effective Treatment For People Suffering From Chronic Mouth Dryness

The university of Granada and Murcia have banded together to make a product that will help patients suffering from xerostomy, or chronic dryness of the mouth. The product s a mouth spray which has a very low concentration of malic acid (1% to be precise), combined with xylitol and some fluorides. The clinical trials for the product involved 70 patients who were suffering from this condition, and the product has been confirmed for effectiveness, and if no possible side effects show up in these 70 individuals, than it will be available for prescription only, of course, at a pharmacy near you.


Chronic dryness of the mouth, or xerostomy is a problem that can be caused by many things, and one of them is the ingestion of medications. Antidepressants are notorious for causing xerostomy, but other drugs that need to be taken, such as certain nitroglycerine based heart medications, can also be responsible. 

Xerostomy is a condition that negatively affects the quality of your life, and no, you can’t just drink water and feel better, the problem is that the water you drink will also be tied up and will not get to your mouth. This is why malic acid is needed as it triggers the saliva production, and xylitol and fluorides make the mucus membranes in your mouth happy by coating them with a layer of benign substances that refresh them. 

Medical Issues

Xerostomy of course has negative dental repercussions as well. Saliva not only lubricates teeth, tio also lubricates the gums which need to be salivated in order to function properly. If they are not properly lubricated, the gums can become infected and inflamed, whihc can lead to bleeding gums. The teeth also suffer, as the enamel will start to crack, exposing the dentin. The mucus membranes can dveelop salioliths, and other problems can occur, so it is a legitimate medical condition. To know that a mouth spray can handle this problem effectively is a great relief. That is, at least, one less side effect to worry about.