Gums will not stop bleeding after a minor trauma

Trauma to the mouth usually affects teeth and gums both. It can be the case, though, that only your gums are affected. When trauma occurs to the gums, they start bleeding, as the gums are in fact a mucous membrane.

Traumas that are much too slight to affect teeth can, however, affect gums, and cause them to start bleeding. As the mouth is constantly wet, the bleeding is more intense then in other parts of your body, and this may seem frightening at first. Do not be scared! Most of the time the bleeding only lasts for an hour or so, and than slowly subsides, and sometimes a swelling is left behind, but sometimes absolutely nothing is left of the entire ordeal. So the best idea is to wait a little bit.

If the trauma is serious, you will notice immediately, and you may need an oral surgeon in that case. But usually the cut does not seem very serious, and most often, it is not. However, some cuts just go a little bit too deep, and will not stop bleeding. If the bleeding persists for hours, and does not seem to be subsiding, you should call and get some medical help from a nearby dental clinic.

This could be a sign of some deeper trauma that penetrated beneath the gum line, and something serious may be leaking out! It may also might be the case that the trauma is minor, but the bleeding is persistent because of some gum disease, possibly even periodontitis. If this is the case, the sooner it is diagnosed the better, as this illness is extremely bad for your teeth and gums.