Sores Won’t Stop Bleeding

Usually when you brush too hard or have had a little trauma, there will be some blood in your spit. Obviously, this is not a reason for concern, and doesn't warrant a trip to the emergency dentist. But recurring bleeding and uncontrollable bleeding, even if very slight, is. Because the skin in the mouth and lips is so thin, and the capillaries so close to the surface, any and all amounts of extracapillary action will be visible immediately. But the mouth is also where saliva is made, and saliva helps to staunch bleeding very quickly, and is a natural coagulant. So a sore or cut that will not stop bleeding is a good reason to go and see your dentist, and to book an emergency appointment.

Suspicious bleeding in the mouth

Several kinds of bleeding can be seen as suspicious. If you have just bit your tongue and are bleeding, it is not suspicious. But if you have had no injuries in the past then you should not be bleeding. If a bleeding suddenly starts, it is definitely a problem. If a tooth stops bleeding and is completely good, and the abruptly starts bleeding, that is also a problem, as this means that something has gone wrong, or has come to the surface. If a sore starts to bleed, and won’t stop, this is definitely a problem, and a quite serious one, and needs immediate medical attention. This is especially the case if you get sores frequently, and this one started bleeding. Indeed any bleeding, after any oral surgical procedure that will not stop bleeding after 72 hours is suspect, and needs a doctor to check it out. Bleeding that emanates from root canaled teeth and the gums around root canaled teeth are always suspect, as well as around teeth that have recently been treated, especially if accompanied by swelling or pain. Following extractions and oral surgery, bleeding should stop within 72 hours, but if a blood clot does not form around the affected area within 24 hours, that si also cause for alarm, and a dentist should look at the problem just to be sure.


Sores that will not stop bleeding are suspect of being or becoming oral cancer. Frequently the carcinomas just look like sores that bleed on their own without any aggravation. If bleeding is just form a place where there is no visible wound, your wisdom tooth may be growing, or something may be growing or broken below the gumline, and will be causing the sanguination. A botched RCT will also cause mysterious blood to bubble up from next to the tooth. A botched extraction that leaves sharp bits in may also see cause pain and bleeding. Frequent gum bleeding can also be a sign of periodontitis, a problem that is serious, needs immediate attention, and is very easily cured.