Oral Surgery With A Haemostatic Disorder

Haemostasis is the ability for your blood to coagulate, and for you to stop losing blood. Although the loss of some blood is necessary when your body is breached, if you do not stop bleeding, you risk dying of a simple wound. There are many different diseases, the most noted one being haemophilia, in which haemostasis is, for one reason or another, not achieved.

The disease usually only affects a very small portion of the male population, and it is very rare to meet a female hemophiliac. While the disease has severe side effects, such as arthritis, cirrhosis and a shortened life span, it does not mean that the patient cannot get oral surgery if it is needed. Albeit much more complicated, there is no need to not get a tooth extracted, or a dental implant put in, just because one is suffering from a haemostatic disorder.


Since these disorders have been around for a very long time, there has been ample time to develop methods of dealing with them. There are now many different techniques in place to help patients with this problem. Aside from this, haemostatic agents can be applied to a wound from outside, as what makes blood clot up and coagulate has been identified some time ago, and these enzymes can now be mimicked, or even bred in a laboratory. This way there is no reason to not get that oral surgery that you need.

Things To Be Aware Of

Living with a haemostatic disorder is now not a cause for immediate death, but it does complicate life significantly, and this is especially the case with surgery. Make sure that the oral surgeon who will be performing the surgery knows that you are a haemophiliac, and is prepared to deal with any complications that may arise. You should also make sure that they are aware of the specifics of your condition (i.e.: what enzyme is missing, how severe it is, etc.), and ask them what they will be doing exactly. Research the given method, the enzyme that will be used on you, and make sure you are not allergic to any of the materials that will be used.  

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