Crown Broke

Crowns, like all manufactured things of this material world, do come with a lifespan, or a shelf life, if you will. They usually last from 5 to 15 years, depending on how well one takes care of them. But after a given time, even the most rigorously cleaned, waxed and maintained crowns will eventually break. This can be from a sort of wear and tear, from the degradation of the material, or from too much pressure applied on an already old and weakened crown. It will most likely happen randomly, when you least expect it, from some stimulus that does not even make you think that can do this to a crown; a chicken wing, a cup of hot coffee, an ice cube, a misguided movement, anything can cause it to happen.

The break can occur in many places, and in many ways, so here are some tips to handle the immediate situation, as it occurs. 

Crown Broke Near The Base

Check if it is the crown that has broken, and not your tooth. If your tooth broke and your crown has a piece of your tooth in it, you may as well throw the crown away, as you will need to get the tooth remodelled, and a new aesthetic shoulder will be made, or perhaps the tooth will need to be removed altogether. Usually some treatment of the tooth will be necessary, if the tooth broke. 

If the crown itself broke near the base, save the crown by all means, until you can go and see a dentist, as the crown may be salvageable. 

Crown Broke Down The Middle

If your crown has broken down the middle, it is time to get a new one, you may as well throw it out. This means that the material is completely and utterly ruined, and a new one is needed. If any pieces are sharp or jutting out, try and gently remove it, without damaging your teeth, they should come undone without a problem.

Crown Pops Off

If neither the tooth nor the crown are damaged, save the crown, because it may just need to be readhered to the tooth tiself, and it may just be a problem with the dental adhesive that is used to adhere your crown to your teeth. There may be small parts missing, but that may not be a problem, depending on how big the parts and where they are missing from. 

Cusps Break Off

If only the cusps broke off of the crown, then there is no need to worry, take the bropken and the cusps to your next dentist appointment, as you may need both of them. The crown will most likely be fixed and repaired and you will get your old crown back if there are no other structural issues with it.