Emergency Cosmetic Dentistry

Usually, cosmetic dentistry is not thought of as a branch of dentistry that needs to have an emergency response system in place. But there is such a thing as a cosmetic dental emergency. Two things can be happening that would warrant the term emergency for a cosmetic dental treatment; either the person HAS to have a certain smile or a certain tooth look a certain way, or there is pain involved, and the persons life and daily functions, which may or may not include their livelihood, are being negatively impacted.

Alleviate Pain

Repairing a crown, or putting a crown on is considered to be a part of cosmetic dentistry. Underneath a crown, the nerve may be exposed, and if the crown comes off, especially if as a result of trauma, excruciating pain may be felt. In this particular case, we are dealing with a cosmetic dental emergency. If the nerve is exposed and is already causing pain, then a crown is necessary so the person can return to normal life and go on with their business. The nerve will be insulated underneath the crown, and the pain should subside. 

Restore Smile

The other reason a cosmetic dental treatment may be an emergency is because a smile simply needs to be restored. Models, actors, public people and anyone who works in sales face to face will tell you that their career may hinge on the appearance they have on a particular day. In this way, a cosmetic dentistry appointment may literally save their means of subsistence. In this manner the appointment constitutes an emergency appointment, if let’s say, there is an important meeting at 2 PM, and the patient experiences the trauma at let’s say 9 AM. The dentist should be ready and able to see you first because of an emergency, and should treat this case as one.