How To Fix A Broken Denture?

The internet is rife with shoddy self help advice about how to deal with broken dentures, and what kind of materials you can use to easily and for little money fix your denture. The answer is simple; just take it back to the dental technician that did the initial dentures, and have them fix it up for you. There really is not that much that you can or should be doing to the dentures at home, on your own, unless you are a dental technician.

Why do I need to take it back?

Unless you are absolutely certain what part of the denture is missing broken or otherwise impaired, and in what manner, you need to take it back every time there is a problem with it. The issue is not just one of aesthetics, it is one of financial and safety concerns. Financial because if you do decide to repair your dentures at home, and the repairs do not work, your guarantee is void. This is because there is no way to know whose fault the problem was, if the material had given way, if it was shoddy workmanship, or if you ruined your dentures in the process of trying to repair them. This way the subsequent work that will be done on your dentures will cost you money, when they may still have been covered by a guarantee. The safety aspect comes from the fact that dentures are made out of hard materials that do not splinter, but take on rather sharp edges if and when they break. Porcelain, the materials that the crowns are made of, and the underlying metallic or acrylic structures are all prone to becoming jagged when broken.

What can be done

If you find that something is broken or shifted, remove the dentures and get an appointment to your dentist ASAP. If you find that a crown has come off, the second part fo the procedure still stands, and you should get that appointment right away, but you can try and use a kind of denture adhesive to re-adhere the crown until the dentist can take a look at it. The worst that will happen is if done improperly, the crown will fall back off.

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