Single Crown Missing Or Broken On Denture

You may experience the uncomfortable situation of having a single crown becoming defective on your denture. It could be broken, creating a jagged edge that cuts your tongue, or you can even have the entire crown come off. Usually, it is only the acrylic or porcelain that becomes damaged, exposing the metal structure underneath. This is unsightly and potentially dangerous, as a broken or damaged crown can easily cause injuries.

What to do

Do not panic! You will not have to get a new denture just because of one lousy missing or damaged crown. The dental technician can replace any number of crowns on a denture, and replacing one is about as routine as it gets. Simply take your denture and show it to your dentist, and they will fix the denture up for you. If your denture is still guarantee work, you may not even need to pay anything at all for the fix up.

What not to do

Do not try to reaffix the crown. This may exacerbate problems, and you may put it back in a way that causes harm to the denture, the underlying soft tissues, or your mouth. Do not try to put the crown back in any way. Do not replace it, do not try to jam it back in, do not heat the area, and do not try to fix the breakage or damage with anything. Simply call your dentist and get an appointment. It’s just that simple.

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