The Holiday Aftermath

The holidays are times that are especially hard on the teeth. It is a good idea to schedule a checkup for after the holidays, or as near to the end of the holiday season as possible. Not only are we more lax with our cleaning and at home dental care, but many dentists also do not work during this time, meaning that less problems are spotted in time, and even fewer are dealt with. Here are some of the things that tend to go wrong during the holidays that can become, or are emergencies already. 

Fractures, cracking

The main problem that many of us experience is a broken tooth, or a piece of a tooth missing, or just a fracture or fault line starting up on the enamel. This can be caused by a number of things; a sudden drop or rise in temperature (like when you drink some hot coffee or tea after being out in the cold, or when you eat some ice right after being inside), a hidden piece of nut or biting down on something hard (like a nut shell in the fruitcake, or just a hard corner on a pie crust), or trauma (usually suffered during new years eve). These need to be dealt with immediately. They may not be very painful immediately, but it is exactly these kinds of small cracks and missing pieces that later on become cavities and even abscesses. A missing piece of tooth is a cause for an emergency dentist appointment. 

Sweets and flares

All holidays usually involve some sort of activity that is bad for the teeth (sweets, alcohol, and fasting are all bad for your oral environment). The winter holidays are especially bad because they invariably involve lots of sweets, cakes, pies and other sugary treats. The winter palate is also full of hard vegetables and nuts, all of which are tooth killers. The problem with sweets is that they exacerbate already existing problems and strengthen existing infections further. Sugar is like bacteria superfood, and it makes them proliferate and beef up. This can cause teeth to flare up, and old sensitive areas to become sensitive again. 

Fillings and crowns

Many holiday time foods can also leave you with a missing filling or a dislodged crown as well. Holiday snacks tend to be either sticky or hard. This is because of the aforementioned winter palette which consists in Europe of nuts, hard tubers, and of course meat. These foods can easily dislodge or remove crowns or fillings. This is a huge problem, as these teeth will start to hurt, or further deteriorate, and the filling or crown needs to be replaced immediately.

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