What Is A Treatment Plan?

The first step to take when booking an appointment at a new dental clinic, with a new dentist, is to have a consultation session. Not only is it vitally important for you to get to know your dentist, but it is equally important for the dentist to become familiar with the specific conditions of your oral environment. A consultation session will thus usually include a full scale analysis (sometimes together with x-ray) of your mouth, along with a treatment plan, and of course a short talk with your doctor to be. Patients usually know two of these things (because a short conversation is easy to understand, as is a full scale analysis), but many of them are left wondering, what is a treatment plan? Why is a treatment plan necessary? What good does it do? The next article is meant to answer these questions. 

Your treatment plan

Whether just a single filling, or a complex array of dental treatments are needed, the easiest way to keep track of them is with a treatment plan. Your dentist will itemize every single thing that needs to be done, and price it separately. Usually, the status analysis (or an analysis of what condition your teeth and soft tissues are in) is also included in these treatment plans, and a diagram of our teeth is also frequently a part of the package. This helpful item is intended to make sure that you understand what your dentist wants to do, why the dentist wants to do it, and perhaps most importantly, how much the procedure is going to cost you.

Good for you, helpful for them

The idea is that a treatment plan will benefit all of the parties involved. By taking a quick glance at it, your dentist will be reminded of what your specific problem is, what needs to be done, how many procedures have been done, what further procedures need to be done, and where you are with your payment plan. Some dentists, especially good ones may have quite a few patients, and they may need to have their memory jogged from time to time.

But the treatment plan is also helpful for you, and is primarily intended to be a package for the patient. With it you can see what procedures are coming up and how much they will cost, giving you time to prepare mentally and financially for the dental procedure. It should also give you an idea of your status, and of what needs to happen to nurse you back to full oral health. All in all, the treatment plan is the link between doctor and patient, and serves as a physical manifestation of what needs to be done in the future, and of what has already come to pass. A very useful, if not indispensable tool.

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