Dental Implant Compatibility

Consider the following emergency dental situation. A man makes a phone call telling us he has broken his crown, or his dental implanted has shifted, become exposed, is in the site of trauma, or whatever else. Upon entering, it turns out that the dental implant does not need to be removed, and is unhurt, but the crown needs to be replaced, or possibly even the abutment. The catch? The man does not remember the brand or make of the dental implants, as he got them some fifteen years ago. This is a serious headache for dentists, as they may not have the tools necessary to deal with your specific dental implant, and with obscure, now defunct systems in place, sometimes they will not know where to get the necessary tools from, either.

How To Prevent

The reason this problem exists is because the dental implant industry is mainly private, and thus has no rules or regulations at all. Any shape and or manufacture of dental implant will be used, as long as it does not violate any laws, passed clinical trials and is voted safe by the FDA, or a similar agency. Dental implant manufacturers will try and make their own unique system that can only be operated by the set of tools that they produce for that specific dental implant system. This way a 3i dental implant systems tools will not work on, for example, Camlog dental implants. This is an important patenting and business move, but makes life a lot more difficult for dentists and patients as well. 

The best thing to do is to prevent these situations from occurring. When you get dental implants, make sure you know exactly what make and brand they are, so you can later on tell your dentist when making an appointment, so they can make sure they have the tools necessary to work on the dental implants in question. This is important as dental implants usually last around 15 years, so you may go through quite a few crowns while using the same dental implant system. Try to choose a dental implant system that is widely available, go with a Nobel industries one if possible, or a Camlog or 3i, or something that is not obscure. If this is not possible, make sure you get as many details as possible about the dental implants you are getting, to make life easier in the future.