Dental Implant Found In Sinus Cavity

One of the worst fears when dental implantation occurs is the dental implant becoming dislodged and moving to some other location. Few times does this happen, and even a couple of millimeters can mean that the entire process is all wrong and the entire surgery needs to be repeated. This is why a recent find in an  Italian ambulance has the entire dental world in shock. 

Meanwhile, In Brescia

A woman in her late fifties was hospitalized when she was complaining of intense facial pain, and her sinuses were inflamed, her nose was bleeding. Doctors did not see anything wrong with her, until her x-ray was taken. It turned out that her dental implant had travelled up her sinus cavity, and was firmly lodged in her sinuses so deep that surgery was needed to recover the implement. The doctors estimate from scarring and conditions that the dental implant has been in the sinus cavity for over a year. This is mind boggling, and for several reasons. But first, let’s look at how the dental implant got there in the first place. 

How It Got There

When dental implants are placed into the maxilla, or upper jaw, and the teeth have been missing for a long time, the sinus cavity becomes enlarged, to fill the gap left by missing or degenerated alveolar tissue. This means there is less space between the mouth cavity and the sinus cavity, meaning it is easier to breach the gap between the two. Occasionally, you can in fact have things like a dental implant poking into the sinus cavity, and this causes bleeding, pain and discomfort of all types and sorts, and is usually very easily learned of. This is why it is important that sinus lifts be performed, and that x-rays be taken before the upper jaw is implanted.

Some Issues

This story still does not make any sense though. Did she not notice that something was in her sinus cavity for like a year or so? If the dental implant moves one millimeter in the direction of the sinus cavity, usually the patients freak out and phone immediately and complain and cannot be dealt with. But this lady just kinda sat around letting the implant poke her face fmr the inside? This is highly suspicious behavior, and would lead me to believe that there are other issues at play here that are not being talked of. 

If dental implants move, even if they move slightly, like fractions of a millimeter slightly, the implantation is considered a failure and must be redone in order to facilitate proper osseointegration. That is why this story just does not check out in my opinion, she either had those dental implants put in illegally, or in some shady place she cannot return to, or she is clinically insane. This just does not happen. Especially not for a year.