Dental Implant Issues

Dental implants, although they have been around for a while, are only recently growing in popularity to the extent that they are now pretty much safely embedded in the public consciousness. With the advent of dental implants, however, come the advent of new sorts of problems that have hitherto been unnoticed and unknown of. Here are some of the issues you may experience that warrant an immediate visit to the dentist.


Any sign of looseness, regardless of how marginal or how little is a sign of a problem, and of a very serious one at that. Movement of the dental implant means that the dental implantation itself was unsuccessful, and you need to go back and get it done again. Even micromovements, which are movements that are less than fractions of a millimeter in distance, and cannot be felt by the patient are reasons for re-implantation, so you can imagine that once it is felt, you are in some serious trouble. 

Implant Too High

If you feel like you cannot close your mouth the way you previously were able to, before the dental implant, then you are in some serious trouble. This means your dental implant is on too high, and needs to be screwed in deeper into your jawbone, or, if the dental implant is in deep enough as it is, you need to get a smaller dental implant. Being able to close your mouth completely is very important, because an improper bite will cause TMJ problems in the future, and can damage the inside of your mouth and the surrounding teeth as well. 

Implant Too Low

If your dental implant is too low, you may find that biting down causes a sensation somewhere deep in your jaw. It may be a tickling or a burning, itching sensation, and it will eventually turn into a painful sting every time you bite into food, so if you are feeling anything at all, get it checked out. If a dental implant is too low, that means it will start messing with your nerve eventually, and will eventually cause you a bunch of pain.

Crown Not On Properly

Although the crown has no nerve endings, an ill fitted crown is definitely an emergency. Why? Because it can cause an improper bite which leads a to TMJ disorders, and the crown can pop off and cause problems. Aside from this, the crown can get damaged, which is expensive and unnecessary. Get it reattached or somehow refitted, as otherwise costly problems can occur.