New Coating Material Helps Reduce Healing Time

The Japanese are ever at the forefront of innovative technologies, and this is no different with medical technologies either. At the forefront of nanotechnology, the institute known as MANA (International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics) based in Tokyo has come up with a  revolutionary new coating that will accelerate the healing times. The current research makes it so that the new coating accelerates the healing process threefold, meaning that the implant osseointegrates three times as fast with this new coating. The shape of the dental implant was also optimized. 


Since this method has been successfully established, it is now only a matter of time for the dental implant market to follow suit, and pretty soon, all dental implants will be treated with this type of surface coating, as all innovations are adopted by all dental implant companies in time. The current healing time is three months, but this dental implant coating, that is well past the clinical trials stage and is already being used, can effectively integrate in just one month. 


I expect that this will change healing times, which in turn will lead to dental implants being an even quicker and thus even more desirable method of tooth replacement. But the quickening of the implantation process may also result in cheaper dental implants. After all, if they can be acquired quicker, than they can be sold quicker, which can lower the cost as the profits are being turned quicker. This is of course merely idle speculation on my part, and of course the decision will be made by the heads of dental implant companies and manufacturers, and of course the invisible hand of the market will also have a say. 

This method was established in May of this year, and the coating was initially developed to quicken the use of dental implants for use in orthodontic treatments. As more and more branches of dentistry adopt the use of dental implants, this technology will continue to be ever more important and ever more sought after as well.