Why Can’t I Get A Dental Implant If I Have Diabetes?

I used to work in the customer care section of a back office for a dental tourism company. It was  a great experience and the patients had many problems that I needed to sort out, and I also needed to talk to a good number of highly trained dentists. I was lucky to have access to oral surgeons and dental implantologists as well as general dentists, oral hygienists as well as orthodontists.

One of the most frequently asked questions is why a diabetic person cannot get dental implants. Patients frequently told me that they had only type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and that it was very well maintained, and that they hardly ever experienced the problems that diabetics usually go through and that their bones were normal or better. I intend to now go over why this prohibition exists, and why you can only get dental implants if you forego the guarantees that come with them, if you are a diabetic. 

The Guarantees

The reason you cannot get a dental implant if you are suffering from diabetes, regardless of how well it is taken care of, because the manufacturers guarantees do not apply to you. Thed entist can in fact put it in you, but cannot ensure that the guarantees given to other patients also apply to you. This is because of your health condition, and because of the side effects of diabetes. Since the dentist has nothing to vouch for the fact that your diabetes is well taken care of, and what that really means is so subjective that, in reality, there is no way to guarantee that your jawbone can in fact handle the dental implant, that it will not come out. And even if the dentist could in fact vouch for that, there is no way to know that your condition will not get worse. And then the dental implant will fail, and he will be stuck with having to pay for it through no fault of his own. The other problem is that diabetics are at an increased risk for developing such diseases as canker sores, as well as gingivostomatitis. These diseases complicate and can even endanger the success of dental implants. 

Aside from this you will, eventually develop brittle bones and possibly even osteoporosis. This can also endanger the success of dental implants, and the dental implant can actually end up harming you or damaging your tissues.