Dead Teeth

Dead teeth are ones that are no longer connected to a nerve, and thus do not receive nourishment from the body anymore. They are not necessarily rotten, and are not even ones that should be disposed of either, they are simply teeth that are not alive anymore. These teeth can still be used, and if properly taken care of, can last for a long time. The only problem is that they often become discolored, turning grey and eventually black, and are more susceptible to breakage, as they are frequently left without internal structures. Allow me to elaborate. 

How teeth die

Of course teeth can die all on their own without any outside assistance whatsoever, but they usually die because they are root canaled, and the internal structures, like the dentine and the bits of the nerve that go into the dentine are scooped out. This leaves the tooth hollow and without anything to convey nutrients to it. And when this occurs, usually the staining also occurs from blood getting into the tooth, and form the lack of nutrients, as the enamel is actually kind of colorless, and the internal structures and dentine are what lends the teeth their tooth color. 

How to care for dead teeth

However, a dead tooth does not mean that you have to go and get it extracted right away, as you can get it fixed up. You cannot bring it back from the dead, there is no way to revive things once they are dead, but you can make it look like it is not dead, and you can make it still serve its function for a long time.

The first thing you want to do is get an internal whitening session. This will clear out all of the dried blood and dead tissue that makes the tooth turn black, and make it look white from the inside, which will make it look white from the outside as well. This can be done after the root canal treatment is done, and will be done using some peroxides on the inside of the tooth structure. After this, the tooths longevity will be determined by how well you care for it. You should brush, floss and use mouthwash, especially around the tooth in question. To prevent the outside from being discolored, use a fluoride foam or gel, possibly an ointment on the tooth, as this will coat the outside of the tooth with fluoride and prevent it from discoloring or breaking down. Dead teeth are of course more susceptible to infection, to causing periodontitis, and basically for bacteria to start living in them.