Dental Prevention Kits

When going for a trip abroad, many people tend to take a travel bag with them that has important personal items like a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a bit of floss, a bit of cologne, some shampoo, a bar of soap, deodorant, and a few other random items, depending on the gender and acculturation of the patient.

What is a dental prevention kit? 

A dental prevention kit is basically like a travel bag that is entirely focused on dentistry. The aim of the bag is not just proper tooth care, but also of preventing emergencies, or being able to stabilize emergencies so that the patient isn’t suffering from horrible pain while waiting for treatment to commence. Instead of being used whenever you go abroad like a travel bag, a dental prevention kit is supposed to be used in your day to day life, everyday. 

What should be in a dental prevention kit?

Dental floss: One of the biggest prevention methods, and a great way to get around the teeth and clean even in the most difficult areas, preventing sensitive teeth from flaring up and becoming an emergency. Dental floss can also dislodge food stuffs that become lodged into gums or missing teeth, which can certainly become problems later on.

Tooth picks: Basically, use din the same manner as dental floss; to remove objects and sensations that are causing pain. But instead of removing film or a tiny piece of something from around or behind a tooth, a toothpick is much more direct in that ti can actually dislodge a piece of nut, a seed or other kind of deeply lodged, pain causing bit of food.

Mouthwash: Carrying around a travel sized portion of your favorite mouthwash is always a good idea. Aside from refreshing your breath and preventing halitosis, which are commendable enough by themselves, mouthwash also serves at least some degree of medical function as well, as it can quickly deal with an outbreak or bacterial infection if and when it occurs. For  instance, many teeth that are stricken with periodontitis in the supporting structure around it tend to become sensitive, as the swollen soft tissues press on the nerves. If the area is becoming swollen or painful, a swig of mouthwash may be able to normalize the situation. 

Toothbrush: The easiest way to prevent an emergency is to have good teeth and healthy gums. In order to do this, you may have to brush quite often. Aside from this, certain foods can cause a proliferation of bacteria in your mouth, especially sugary foods and drinks like sodas. After eating or drinking something like this, it is safest to brush gently, thus removing the biofilm and the offending bacteria that grow in it.

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