Emergencies Caused By Gum Recession

Gum recession does not in and of itself constitute an emergency, unless it happened very quickly.If you have been having receded gums for a while, and they just keep receding, an emergency room is not where you will have to go to take care of it. Patients with recessed gums are more likely to suffer from dental emergencies, however, as the gingiva supports and protects the teeth, and without it, bacteria have an easier time infecting teeth and causing inflammation all around.

Dental emergencies are characterised by the fact that they need to be taken care of immediately, as they are painful and inhibit you from eating, sleeping, and in general living your life. They are emergencies because they take precedence over anything else, and need to be dealt with. Here are some of the dental emergencies you can experience because of gum recession:


As more of your tooth will be exposed because your gums are shrivelled and are not covering the parts of the tooth that do not need to be exposed, you may experience more frequent cavities.Aside from this, the gums can now no longer fight off bacteria as well, and this of course also leads to more cavities, which mean more instances of striking pain, which is a dental emergency.

Gum ache

Your gums may also hurt, and may also bleed a lot when in a recessed state. Frequently gum recession is caused by gingivitis or periodontitis, and these can make your gums hurt a lot. If you are experiencing a burning sensation in your gums, perhaps it is time to take a trip to the emergency dentist’s office, particularly if you have recessed gums to begin with. 

Loose teeth

The gums not only protect and lubricate teeth, thus enabling them to live longer and healthier, they also act as a support mechanism to help keep your teeth in place. Your teeth are anchored in the jawbone, bt what seals them to the jawbone is none other than your gums. If his sealant is gone, your teeth will start to loosen up, and eventually fall out. If ever you experience tooth loss, no matter what the cause of it, it constitutes a dental emergency and you need to see the dentist right away.

Often times a course of antibiotics is plenty enough to get your gums back to health, but sometimes changes in lifestyle might be needed to make sure that your gingiva can restore itself. You may need to quit smoking or drinking alcohol in order to make sure that your gums can heal back to their former glory. Sometimes, if the damage is very severe, a gum graft may be necessary, which is a procedure in which they add some gums to the base of your teeth.

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