Emergency prone

Some conditions make us more likely to suffer an emergency treatment, or can make us more likely to have some kind of problem that will result in one. Here are some of the issues that make it quite likely that you will have to book an emergency appointment sooner than later.


Periodontitis is an umbrella term that covers any and all infections of the tissue surrounding the teeth. The gums are usually the most likely to be infected, and having the infection means that there are deposits of bacteria in your mouth at any times. Bacteria that cause periodontitis lurk and live in your soft tissues, and these deposits of bacteria can infect your teeth and pretty much everything else. Periodontitis can also infect your tongue, and get to your teeth from there. They can cause an intense pain reaction, and can make the gums around a tooth bubble up suddenly as well, and can cause bleeding too.


Having diabetes means that you are less able to fight off bacteria that attack your oral biome. The biome is thus more likely to become host to bacteria, and to cause conditions to get bad enough so that an emergency becomes inevitable. This can be a tooth breaking, an infection, a cavity, and a number of other problems. If you have diabetes, it is absolutely pertinent that you visit your dentist every six months, or whenever you suspect that something may have changed in your mouth.

Orthodontic treatment

With a greater surface area in your mouth, bacteria have more places to live in and to latch onto, creating a situation in which accidents are more likely to cause damage, and in which emergency appointments may need to be booked. More bacteria and a weakened periodontium- along with a controlled, systemic inflammation that braces cause- make orthodontic patients at risk by definition.

Immunological disorders

Patients who suffer from some systemic disease that weakens their immune system are also more likely to fall victim to a suddenly appearing infection because they do not have the necessary immunological tools to deal with the infection when it arises. Because immunological problems cause the body’s defences to not work properly, they will catch less of the microbes that cause problems, which means more will be there to do so. Many times problems that would not show up in any other context, like oral thrush and other fungal infections that the body easily deals with otherwise can come around and make life miserable.

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