Infected Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are somewhat of a quandary. There is no space for them on your jaws, and your oral cavity is more often than not, too small to house the extra four molars that start to grow in after you have reached 20 years, and they are sometimes called 21 year molars because of this, or third molars, as they come in after the first two molars are already out. They usually become impacted,meaning they grow out only partially, and often become infected, because while they are only partially grown out, the bacteria have any easy time infecting the lacerated gingiva around the tooth. These infections always require the attention of a dentist immediately. Here is how you can tell you have a problem before the issue becomes unbearable, as infected wisdom teeth are some of the most painful dental problems you can experience.


Any and all swelling or tightness around the wisdom tooth should be reported to a dentist immediately. This can be difficult, as the wisdom teeth are all the way in the back, and are sometimes difficult to see and get to. So swelling of the seemingly homogenous tissues around the wisdom tooth may not be visible at all. But a feeling of swollenness or tightness of the gums is definitely perceptible, and is a cause for alarm. It can mean that the bacteria have colonized enough of the tissue to be big enough to cause swelling and stretching of your gingiva. But sometimes swelling is a part of the healthy growth process of the wisdom tooth, when it breaks through the gums, or is about to, it is pushing its way through a bunch of gingival tissue, and this will cause inflammation. You should still call your dentist, as they should see the wisdom tooth to make sure that the growth is healthy and is going according to plan. 


The same as with swelling, it is a normal part of the growth process, and even quite  bit of bleeding may be completely natural and healthy, but if the bleeding does not go away, is accompanied with discoloration or a foul taste in the mouth, you can be sure that your wisdom teeth are infected.


If the tissue around the tooth is red, sore and bright, you are dealing with an infection. If the tissue around the tooth is purplish,you may be dealing with an infection, or it could just be a hematoma from the growth. If there is a yellowish, grayish shade involve,d you definitely have a problem, and need to do something about it, namely, see a dentist for an emergency appointment immediately.