Calcium Deficiency

The best and most economic way to deal with dental emergencies is to prevent them. The best thing to do is to limit dangerous activities and habits, and to be able to tell the early signs of a developing problem, and get it taken care of before it becomes an emergency, and emergency fees apply (not to mention the fact that emergency procedures are usually more complex and thus more expensive on average). 

A cause of dental emergency

One of the causes of dental emergencies is that teeth have become weak form getting the nutrients dissolved out of the enamel, and thus weakening the tooth structure. Two kinds of minerals can be leached out of the tooth in this way that can cause dental emergencies; one of them is fluoride, and the other is calcium. The tooth enamel is made up almost entirely from these two elements. Sadly, fluoride deficiency is usually invisible, except in the teeth, but calcium deficiency has many tell tale signs before the teeth start to deteriorate. Here is a list of some of them!

Signs of calcium deficiency:

1) Muscle cramps: 

If you have frequent muscle cramps, especially in the thighs and biceps or other, larger muscles, you can be pretty sure you have a calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency causes muscle cramps especially in the legs, and frequently at night. Smaller muscles like the one sin the hand or elsewhere can cramp up from being overused, but large muscles do not generally cramp up if they have a sufficient flow of nutrients, calcium being the most important of these.

2) Dry skin:

Flaking dry skin is a sign of a calcium deficiency. The problem is that since a lot of people, both men and women, use moisturizers and other hydrating products, you may not be able to spot the deficiency in time, as your skin will be artificially moisturized. But calcium helps the skin absorb nutrients and to stay in good shape. 

3) Brittle nails and hair:

When you do not get enough calcium, your hair and nails will be the first to tell you. They need calcium to remain bright, fresh and strong, and if you are not getting enough, the resulting nails will be brittle, and will break into layers instead of as a strong cohesive unit. Hair will seem frazzled and ends will split.

4) PMS:

Women with calcium deficiencies experience much more severe and volatile PMS syndromes, and they usually last longer as well. Why this happens is not exactly known, and is a pretty weak correlation, but the correlation does definitely exist. If previously you had no, or very mild PMS, and are suddenly experiencing an increase, you may want to look into getting some calcium sandoz tablets. 


Some people starve themselves of calcium, because they fear an overdose. This is silly. The worst thing that can happen from an overdose of calcium is temporary bloating, and thats about it. There is no way to hurt yourself with eating too much calcium. However, if you want to absorb the calcium, you need to take it with magnesium, otherwise your intestines will not absorb the mineral! 

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