Frequently just thought of as an aesthetic problem, plaque is actually the underlying cause of most dental emergencies. That is not entirely true, but what causes the plaque to emerge is the cause of pretty much all non-traumatic dental emergencies, in other words, all of the emergencies that are not caused by an accident or some kind of physical trauma. Let’s get to know that gunk that we remove every morning from our teeth.

What is plaque?

Plaque is basically dried out and solidified biofilm. Biofilm is that slimy material that bacteria make and that they live in, and which sticks to the surfaces of teeth, and contains the acidic excrement of the bacteria that causes tooth decay. This biofilm dries out and becomes like a mineral almost, and sticks to the surfaces of the teeth. Bacteria live in the plaque, it is like a bacterial metropolis, and their acidic by products can also be found in the plaque in heightened amounts.

Effects of plaque

Plaque not only destroys the teeth that it can be found on by completely dissolving the enamel off of the teeth, but also causes gums to recede. This is caused by the fact that the gums try to not be infected with the bacteria that can be found inside of the plaque, and will shrivel away from surfaces that are infected with plaque causing bacteria. Alternatively, if the bacteria were present in the gums to begin with, deep pockets characteristic of periodontitis, along with nasty swelling and bleeding of the gums can also be caused by a bacterial infection that yíou can get form plaque. 

Other problems

Plaque also causes problems elsewhere in the body. It can cause problems in the intestinal fauna, as it can take over parts of your guts and repopulate it with bacteria that may not be as useful in aiding digestion as the ones that already live in the intestines. Not only that, but bacteria that form plaque can form it anywhere, including the arteries, and the plaque that is removed from the arteries of atherosclerosis patients is the same as the plaque that can be found on the teeth. 


The bacteria streptococcus mutans is especially likely to cause plaque to form, and it is also the one that causes the most dental emergencies. Weakened oral biome that is burdened by plaque will inevitably fall victim to emergencies sooner or later.