Swelling Caused By Inflammation

A swelling is one of the main signs that people recognise that will make them book an emergency dental appointment. It is quite hard to ignore a swelling, after all, the area of your face that is affected can swell up to several times the size it was originally intended to be. In this article, I would like to approach the topic of swelling and give some advice on it. 


Swelling can be caused by numerous things, and all of them are super unpleasant. Most well known, of course, is the case of a trauma to the mouth. During a trauma, the tissue will be damaged, and when tissue is damaged it swells up during the healing process. The area that has been affected will swell up and possibly bruise if the area was hit hard enough to bust some capillaries.

Swellings can also occur after an extraction or some sort of oral surgery, or through various dental treatments, like root canal treatments, but many different kinds of dentistry (including restorative dentistry) can cause this to occur. 

The third kind of swelling, the one I intend to discuss here in greater detail is the case when some sort of infection occurs., This is usually a bacterial infection of either the tooth root or of the periodontium surrounding the tooth. The area will become red and swollen, and it will change color to become lighter and redder. There may be discharge, as well as an abscess or a cyst with such an infection as well. 

What To Do

As mentioned above, certain procedures will cause swelling. If you had a procedure like that, keep calm and carry on. If not, and you are experiencing swelling and inflammation, then you are dealing with some sort of infection, More than likely you will need a root canal, or an extraction, or possibly even oral surgery. Here is what you do in the first run, though: 

1) Keep an ice pack on the affected area. If the area is painful, just use a cold wet rag. If area is not sensitive, rinse with cold water and/or mouthwash. 

2) Call your dentist and make an appointment as soon as possible. As you do not know what is wrong at the moment, book an emergency appointment. 

3) If the swelling is on a tooth that has a filling, and the filling is starting to feel tight, remove the filling with a toothpick. Do not do anything more until a doctor sees you!