Yikes! Small Lumps In The Mouth!!!

Finding small lumps in your mouth is pervaded with an aura of panic- it hovers around the entire phenomenon, and the internet does nothing to dispel this fear. The internet is rife with tales of oral cancer, severe malignant pustules, and worse possible scenarios. These scenarios are real; many people do get oral cancer, and do develop cysts and pustules, but the overwhelming majority of times it is something much less interesting; a fistula of pus, a swollen gland, an infected tooth. But the truth is that all lumps in the mouth constitute an emergency, because they might be something more serious, and catching it in time may be the difference between life and death. Here are some lumps and growths that are quite benign, but always consult your dentist if you have something that rapidly appears in your mouth. 


Many folks tend to bite their warts, and these warts can spread to your mouth and start to grow out of your soft tissues. Gential warts can also grab a hold of your soft tissues, like your gums and your lips and cheeks by way of oral sex. These warts will not be apparent as warts at first,a dn will just look like swollen  lumps. There are oral medications to take for this, and they will disappear quickly enough.


When the core of teeth become rotten, frequently the bacteria will create a small pool of pus underneath the apex of the tooth root. This will become bigger and bigger as more pus and bacterial cultures and by products drain to the area. This will eventually result in an irritated lump. The way you can be sure that this is what you are dealing with is if it is near a tooth that is painful, has been root canaled or is sensitive.


In the above scenario, there is a pocket of fluid or pus. Many times, the body will grow a sack around this fluid, and this hollow, pus filled sack is what is called a cyst. Cysts are quite common and for the most part harmless, but it is a good idea to get them removed, as they can be painful, take up space, and are filled with stuff that your body has rejected, and with good reason.


A torus is a small bone growth. It is not a tumor, it is not malignant or benign. It is a part of the genetic programming of the bone to grow little nodules, and that is about all. These are completely harmless, and are only removed if they are pressing on nerves, are in the way of eating or speech, or if they get scraped or otherwise messed with when the mouth is being used. 


These growths grow only in places that are exposed to the sun, like the lips, and can be an inch in diameter. They usually appear and disappear in a few months, and are very rarely malignant, but they can become cancerous.