After The Braces Come Off

Congratulations! You’re finally at the end of your orthodontic treatment, and it is time to take off your braces. Your teeth are now straight, but you still probably need to wear a retainer, and you may notice some differences. There is no need to worry, at first having a different alignment of teeth and not having braces on will feel strange, but this of course will pass. There are a couple of things that you do need to look for, and which may even warrant a quick visit to your dentist.  

White splotches

Orthodontic appliances tend to leach calcium and fluoride from the teeth, and when they come off, you may find that there are white blots on your teeth that are lighter than the rest of your teeth. These spots typically appear where the brackets were adhered to the teeth.  These are decalcified zones, and need to be treated. If you fail to treat these, they have a higher risk of become cavities.

Damaged gums and teeth

Your gums may feel a bit sore after normal blood flow returns to them, and they are not in a state of artificial inflammation that orthodontic treatment requires of them. It may even take a day or two for them to return to normal, but if they still feel just as bad, or worse, you need to go back to the dentist. If there are any visible injuries from the braces coming off, they need to be checked out as well.

Teeth may also be damaged as a result of orthodontic treatment; if the decay was underneath the bracket, for example, it may go unnoticed and the tooth may become compromised during the removal of the bracket.  Damage to both teeth and gums should be rather apparent to your orthodontist as the braces are removed, and should be deal with on the spot.


The most important thing is to wear your retainer. Your teeth may relapse into their previous position if you don’t.  This would make the whole orthodontic treatment pointless, and would have to be repeated.

If you experience white splotches on your teeth, there are several ways you can remineralize, including ointments, gels, foams and extra high fluoride mouthwash. Tooth powder is also a great way to remineralize teeth, as it has both fluoride and calcium in it. It is a good idea to use these for a little bit after the braces come off.  You may also at first only eat foods that are gentle on the teeth before jumping back to your regular, pre-orthodontic treatment diet. Eat plenty of cheese or dairy, and make sure you eat calcium and magnesium as well as d vitamins, as these will help revitalize your teeth and gums.