Braces Issues

While many of us are aware that they need braces, and the negative side effects of braces are well know, they are usually ones that take time to develop, and not much has been said about emergencies that may occur that are directly related to the orthodontic device you are wearing, or to orthodontry in general. All of these situations are very rare, but they can indeed occur, and you will need to go to see a dentist immediately, and in certain cases, you may even have to go to the emergency room. 

Since we have already written about the orthodontic emergencies previously, I would just like to extrapolate a little bit about the extent of damage, and when to go to an emergency room and not wait. 

Go To An Emergency Room If: 

- If your tongue, lips or cheeks get caught in the brackets. Most definitely you will not get it out of there as quickly as possible. Just remember, while the bit that is stuck in the braces remains stuck in there, it will not be getting adequate blood flow, which means that pretty soon, permanent damage will be suffered. Aside from that, you need these bits of your body in order to function properly, so do not hesitate to get it sorted out the quickest way possible. Do not try to detach the bits yourself, as you may find yourself tearing, ripping or otherwise hurting parts of your body that heal very difficulty.

- If the wire sticks out and has stabbed something, you need to go to the emergency room. If the wire is lodged in your cheek or in your gums, you need to go to the emergency room pronto. Not just because they need to take it out of there, because you will most likely also be able to do this, but because you will need a tetanus shot, as well as a course of antibiotics, as bacteria love to start living on braces and the wires associated with them. 

You don’t need to go if: 

- If the wire is loose but you were able to cap it in time, and it is not poking anything. If the poking is very slight, or if it is “just” cutting up your cheeks, than you do not need to go, but you should see your dentist as quickly as humanly possible.

- If a bracket has come off, or if it has come loose, and the wire is standing at a funny angle, you do not need an emergency appointment, however, you should definitely go and see you orthodontist as soon as possible. A loose bracket means that your treatment time will be longer, and that your likely to end up having something getting trapped in there.