Emergency Appointments While In Braces

Many people get pretty upset when something happens to their teeth while they are in braces. They are afraid that the long and arduous treatment that they have received will be wasted, and they will have to start again, not to mention that these appliances cost a ton of money, and losing that money is also a prospect that patients are not too keen on. Whether these claims are justifiable or not depends on the nature of the emergency. Below I would like to list some emergencies, and explain how they affect the braces and the course of orthodontic treatment. 

Fillings: Usually, the braces will not need to be taken off. Cavities that need to be filled usually develop when coming into contact with bacteria. Tooth surfaces that are hidden behind orthodontic brackets thus will not develop cavities. 

Root Canal Treatments: Usually, the braces will not have to come off. Seeing as the entire inner structure needs to be hollowed out, the hollowing has to begin at the bottom of the tooth. There are no orthodontic treatments which require brackets to be placed on the bottom of the tooth.

Hygienic Treatments: The braces do not need to come of for a hygienic treatment. A good hygienist will not have a problem cleaning the braces and the tooth surfaces as well. 

X-Rays: Metal objects can create a certain amount of scatter. This is a problem with x-rays that need to be super specific, like in the case of more complicated endodontic treatments, or with extractions that would involve getting close to the nerves. Usually the braces do not need to come off though, but certain x-rays may require removal of some brackets or the entire apparatus.

Extractions: The bracket on the offending tooth that will be removed needs to have the bracket taken off. Usually, that is the only thing that needs to be changed, but you need to see your orthodontist afterwards as soon as possible, as the braces will need to be slightly altered to exert the same force in the same direction. 

Dental Implants: You should wait until after you complete your orthodontic treatment to get dental implants. 

These are pretty much all of the cases in which an emergency treatment is needed, all other treatments may need to be postponed until after you finish your time in braces.