Emergency Causing Foods

Some foods are more likely to cause emergencies that others. I have yet to hear of anyone ever complaining about their tooth breaking off into a bowl of porridge, or into some oatmeal, for example, but certain other foods are very frequently the cause of breakage and cracking, and can frequently cause tooth sensitivity to spur up, leading to a costly emergency appointment. Here are some of the foods that we have had the pleasure of re and re-reencountering.

Hard shells

Nuts with hard outer shells, like walnuts, hazelnuts, and pine nuts are frequently to blame for a broken tooth. Many people try and pele these nuts with their teeth, resulting in the cusps breaking off, or of cracks running along the teeth. Less frequently the actual nu itself will break the tooth. Sometimes pastries and cakes involving these nuts will have some of the hard outer shell in them,and when the patient bites down, the pain flares up.

Too hot, too cold

Teeth that are already low on enamel will flare up when coming in contact with hot or cold foods. This is a sign of dentine hypersensitivity, which implies an already existing problem, and frequently a sudden change in temperature is the cause of the problem. When we eat something that is too hot or too cold and the temperature change is too sudden, oru enamel will crack, exposing the dentine and the internal structures of the tooth, which are sensitive, and can cause pain. When you get in on a hot day, don’t drink that cold drink right away, take a little sip and swish it around, let your mouth accustom to the new temperature, and the same thing for a bowl of hot cocoa on a wintery day.

Raw foods

Although uncooked foods are really good for you, and contain nutrients and minerals that can be lost during the cooking and preservation process, it is important to note that raw fruits and vegetables are more difficult to eat than cooked ones, and frequently they can cause break or dislodge teeth. Cut your raw foods into smaller, bite sized pieces, this usually will prevent the problem from occurring. 

Gooey foods

Gooey foods can get in between cracks, underneath fillings, and pull them free. If a part of your enamel is already cracked, gooey foods can widen the crack or dislodge pieces of the enamel, causing pain in the tooth. They can also get stuck in cracks and start to ruin the tooth form inside from there.

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