How Far Would You Go To Escape Toothache?

A man in Sweden has recently fled prison just too deal with his toothache. Afterwards, he returned himself to custody, but he complained that the toothache was so unbearable, that he simply could not bear it anymore, and had to go and seek proper dental treatment. The man was 51 years old, and was just 4 days away form his release. Ruining his chances with the parole board, the man returned to prison to meet out the rest of his sentence.

The cause of the escape was an inflamed molar. This is understandable, as a tooth becomes extremely painful when inflamed. The nerves are being pushed upon, so a dull, throbbing pain that is absolutely constant is tormenting the patient, and the tooth can become sensitive to pressure, heat or cold, or to certain foods like vinegar or sour foods, and when coming into contact with these kinds of stimulus, will react with sharp pain.


Although this particular case is particularly extreme and has a setting that is not a place where most people find themselves or can relate to, I think many of us can relate to the plight of this man, and the situation in general. Most of us will have had a bad tooth start hurting at the wrong time (as if there was a right time to go through excruciating agony, granted some times are better than others, I guess…), and who have tried absolutely everything to put it off, or even worse, could not reach a dentist and were forced to deal with the pain for a few days.

The best thing to do in case of an unsolicited toothache is to take pain medication, but sometimes the pain will be so intense that no over the counter medication will be able to touch it. In this case, if we cannot get a prescription for something a little stronger, there is no need to worry, certain things can still be done. If the area is sensitive and swollen, try putting something cold on it. Put the cold object on the outside of your face in the general area, thus the nerves will be dulled, and hopefully, your tooth will not react to the cold stimulus. If the tissue feels tight and painful, a warm compress might be a better idea, as this will make the tissue expand a little, and may ease the pain somewhat. 

Good things to have around the house in case of a toothache

Clove oil. Completely natural and not harmful in the slightest, this ointment will numb whatever surface it comes into contact with. Put a little on the periodontium and the gums around the tooth that is hurting, and it will numb the pain temporarily.

Gauze. You will need something for a cold compress or a warm compress, depending on what is needed. If not gauze, get some type of cloth. Ice. This will also be needed for a cold compress. Salt pillow. An Eastern european remedy, used against tooth, ear, eye and other aches. You warm up the pillow, which is filled with salt, and when this pillow is warmed up, the salt retains it for a long time. Put this warm salt pillow over the area where it hurts, a perfect warm compress.

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