How to cure toothache?

Toothaches are the number one reason why patients call for an emergency appointment. A patient may not notice that there is something wrong with a tooth, until it starts to hurt and cause pain. What these patients are looking for is a pain relief for a toothache. Sadly, the situation is a little bit more complicated than that. While toothache cures that cure only the pain are a good solution to get through the day (or the night, as toothache usually tends to start when we are at home and trying to relax), they are by no means a cure for the problem causing the toothache, merely a temporary alleviation of the symptoms. The pain will resurface, as the root cause of the pain is still existent and the dental issue will cause problems again.

Seek Help

The only way to deal with toothache when it appears is to book an emergency appointment and go see your dentist. If you fail to do this, the pain you feel will get worse, and sometimes swelling can also accompany your toothache. Often teeth that have already been filled once are the ones that give us problems, and many times toothache can be a sign of something being wrong on a deeper level. The most often applied treatment that is given for an emergency appointment is a root canal treatment, which entails a removing of the tooth pulp and infected tissue, enlargement of the roots, and usually drilling all the way to the bottom of the roots themselves.

Emergency Appointments

Emergency appointments are subject to availability, and this often leads to patients wondering how best they can treat a toothache with a home remedy. Of course, while root canals are the most popular reason to book an emergency appointment, they are unfortunately just one of many reasons that a patient may start to experience a heightened sense of toothache. That is why there is no cure all method to relieve toothache, and a diagnosis of your tooth and the general oral conditions is necessary to prescribe a course of treatment that will solve the root cause of the toothache. The best toothache cure is a visit to the dentist, but temporary solutions do exist. You can take pain killing medication, Ibuprofen and other antihistamines to soothe the pain, and hold you over until the dentist can see you. If nothing else, you are always welcome to come in to our clinic and have a prescription written for you to hold you over until we can give you an appointment for a real, lasting toothache cure.