Milk Tooth Emergencies

Milk teeth or baby teeth are the colloquial name for primary deciduous teeth. These teeth are called deciduous because, just as the leaves of deciduous trees fall off in the autumn, so do the baby teeth when the child has no more use for them.  The baby teeth are pushed out from underneath by the permanent teeth, or adult teeth, and are thus displaced when they are no longer needed. But many things can go wrong with them, and even baby teeth can have emergencies.

Primary deciduous teeth

Milk teeth are like a simpler, throw away version of regular teeth. They have very little roots, as they are meant to fall out, but they do have all of the structure that regular teeth have; cusps, dentine, enamel, a connection to the oral nerve, and so on. The cusps are not as well formed, the enamel is much thinner, and they do not hold up as well against attack from bacteria. But they can have emergencies just the same, and they need to be treated just the same as regular teeth, if the patient is in pain, they need to be taken to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Milk tooth cavity

Milk teeth, just like normal teeth can develop cavities, and these can even go as far as the primitive roots of the milk tooth. Root canal treatments are not ever employed on milk teeth, and fillings are very rare as well. Usually, a dentist will perform a milk tooth extraction if the milk tooth is infected.

Milk tooth pain

Since the milk teeth are connected to the dental nerve, they will cause pain when they become infected. But because they are smaller and less structured, they will cause a pain reaction much earlier than adult teeth. This way you will know to go to the dentist earlier, before it’s too late, but the dentist will still probably extract the troublesome tooth, as it is simply easier, and a new one is going to grow in its stead soon enough.

Caring for milk teeth

Although milk teeth are deciduous and will fall out sooner or later, they need to be taken care of in the same way that adult teeth are. They need to be brushed and flossed, and all the surfaces need to be cleaned periodically. Even if a milk tooth is extracted, the oral environment that caused it to decay stays in the mouth, and can affect the growing adult teeth as well, creating an unhealthy environment before the teeth are even grown. This is why it is of paramount importance that parents brush their children’s teeth before kids can brush their own, and that they are taught how to brush by their parents at an early age.

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