Preventing Emergencies From Occuring

Most emergency appointments are due to neglect on the side of the patient. This is a bitter pill to swallow for most patients, and the explanations given for why their teeth have started to hurt are manyfold; bad genetics, troubling family life, demanding work schedule coupled with slave driving bosses, and of course, lack of funds are some of the top reasons for why patients simply do not show up until their teeth force them to find the time to take care of their oral hygiene. Of course some dental emergencies, like trauma as a result of an accident, or biting down on walnut shells accidentally left in a pastry, cannot be prevented.

The Checkup

The GDC, ADA, and just about any other health provider or body of health care professionals always stress the importance of going to your six monthly check ups. There is simply no substitute, if you do not go to see a dentist every six months, you will experience dental troubles. That is the bottom line, and with most dental clinics offering free six month checkups, and with preliminary dental procedures costing way less than a serious medical intervention, it is both cheaper and healthier to just show up to the consultation sessions.

At Home Oral Care

You daily oral care routine is perhaps one of the most important things in determining how often and with what frequency your teeth will cause you problems. The daily use of dental floss and mouthwash cannot be stressed enough-simply brushing your teeth will result in hard to miss spots accumulating calculus and tartar. This is where bacteria live and breed, of course, and this spots will become cavities over time. 

Hygiene Sessions

Every so often you will need to go and get a hygiene session. This is one of the more pleasant forms of dentistry, and you will need to get it every so often even if you do not have anything wrong with your teeth. This is the “secret weapon” to preventing fillings and painful, expensive root canal treatments from becoming necessary. During these sessions, the doctor will deep clean your teeth, removing any and all tartar and calculus that are stuck on your teeth, not to mention that the dentist will also clean below your gum line, and remove the detritus that is compacted beneath your gums. This is a procedure that you cannot do at home, and it is needed every so often, if you are to keep your teeth healthy.