Spinbrushes Not As Safe As Previously Thought

Although still perfectly safe to use and sell in the market, spinbrushes, as it has recently turned out, can in fact damage you. And all these years I get laughed at for sticking by my handy dandy hand held, simple toothbrush, and my shunning of putting electrical appliances in my mouth, and here you have it, all my paranoia has been validated. 


The Crest Spinbrush, or since the buy out, the Arm and Hammer Spinbrush is one of the oldest electric toothbrushes, and is one that is the favorite of children everywhere. They make them with all sorts of cartoon characters and superheroes, not to mention ponies and other fun animals as well. The idea is the same as with all electronic toothbrushes, the parts move, they brush your teeth for you, applying just the right amount of pressure, and removing any and all plaque with mechanical precision. The problem? The parts shake loose from, well, shaking and rotating all the time, and the toothbrush eventually falls apart. 

The Hazards

Injuries can be sustained from toothbrushes that spin tiny pieces quickly and shoot them out towards you. First off, your eye and face can be damaged, as the speed with which the parts rotate is quite fast, and if they get loose, they will be literally propelled in your face. This is of course if the parts become loose while not in your mouth, if they do become loose while you are brushing, then a number of potentially lethal and almost always very expensive consequences can arise. The first being of course the possibility of getting teeth chipped or entirely knocked out. This is always a problem, and can result in massive toothaches as well, not to mention bills that need to be paid for the repair of damaged teeth. The exploding bits can also become lodged in your throat, from which you can in fact suffocate.

This of course is a giant problem, and although usually you will be able to regurgitate the lodged pieces, the pieces can cause wounds in your mouth, cuts and scrapes that can later on ulcerate or become infected. Almost any and all wounds in the mouth are likely to become infected. This is why this toothbrush just is not as safe as previously thought.