Teeth knocked out

In the event of a trauma occurring to the mouth, your teeth can get broken or your teeth may get knocked out. The breakage can be just a slight chipping of the tooth, or may actually mean that a significant chunk of the tooth has broken off. Sometimes the entire crown of the tooth can get knocked out, and in extreme cases, the entire tooth, roots and all, can tear out of the person’s mouth, but this happens only as a result of extreme physical trauma, and usually the gum needs to be healed as well in these situations.

Trauma Strikes

Contrary to popular belief, you can get your teeth knocked out in more ways than just a fist fight at a bar. It is quite possible to incur injuries to your mouth through engaging in sports activities, horseplay, but slipping on wet pavement or suffering an auto accident are also quite common causes.

Don’t Lose That Tooth!

The proper course of action is to try and find or save the piece of the tooth or the entire tooth as it may well be, and keep it. If you cannot find the tooth, that is no terrible problem, but treatment may be easier (not to mention a whole lot cheaper) if you do manage to hold on to your tooth. The next step would be to call an emergency dentist as soon as possible, and book the nearest available appointment. This is vitally important if the tooth has broken until, or below the gum line, as that means that periodontal damage may also have occurred, which basically leaves you with an open wound in your mouth, which invariably will become infected over time. 


When at the dentistry, you may be presented with several options. If you have brought the tooth or piece of the tooth with you, than you may be presented with the option of gluing it back. This is only if the tooth is still healthy, if the line of breakage is clean, and does not need any dental treatment. More often, the tooth needs to be root canalled, and a crown or some other dental prosthesis needs to be applied. Often a simple filling can fill out the piece that has fallen off, or an inlay can save the tooth as well. If these options simply do not work, because the tooth has been so badly damaged, then an extraction will become necessary. The remainder of the tooth will be pulled out, and the patient will be given antibiotics and pain medication to see them through the healing period. In these cases it is recommended that a dental implant be used to replace the missing tooth root, or tooth loss will ensue over time.