Tooth Decay

The main cause of pain and lamentation for patients has to do with tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to tooth erosion, which leads to loss of tooth enamel, which in turn leads to heightened sensitivity and an increased likelihood of experiencing pain. This is why so many people run to the emergency room because of it, it causes pain. By the time that tooth decay gets so bad that it starts to hurt, you will almost always have to get a root canal treatment, the object of fear and loathing of anyone who has ever experienced one, they are often painful, often take more than one occasion to finish, making them time consuming, and they are much more expensive than a regular tooth filling.


The causes of tooth decay are relatively speaking, well known. The bacteria that live in your mouth create acidic by products, and these corrode your teeth. Corrosion of teeth can also happen as a result of diet, if you eat too much acidic foods, your enamel will suffer. The bacteria live in biofilm and plaque, and these materials also corrode your teeth. Bacterial by products are the main cause of tooth decay, and tooth decay is responsible for cavities and cracks in the tooth as well. Tooth can also become damaged from trauma, and then later on corroded or otherwise negatively affected by bacterial life.  

How To Spot It

Tooth decay is easy to spot; your tooth will turn a darker color, brown or black specifically, but can sometimes also turn yellowish or orange in color. There will also be a hole in your tooth, making identification even easier. But this is the latter stage, when the damage is already done, and you are in need of reconstructive dental procedures, like a filling or a root canal treatment. The idea is to not let your teeth get in such condition, and thus earlier signs are what the prevention game is all about.

Before your tooth turns colors and caves in to form a hole, you will see that your teeth will become bumpy. This means that the enamel is uneven,a s part of it has been eaten away. Such cavitations are quite common, and do not necessarily turn into a cavity- but they are very likely to. There are also pre-cavities, tiny apertures that look like grains of poppy seeds stuck in your teeth. These can be seen with the naked eyes, were as cavitation can be felt even with the tongue. If your teeth are getting bumpy or starting to develop pre-cavities, especially if it is on hard to brush tooth, you should go and see a dentist before the situation gets worse. This way, you can save money as well as time and energy, and you will not have to get a filling.