Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth usually become sensitive over time. Although rarely considered an emergency, a tooth eventually, or suddenly becoming sensitive is a sign that something is wrong, and a check up will become necessary as soon as possible, before the condition gets worse, and the sensitivity becomes a full fledged toothache. 

Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity always happens because the nerves in the teeth have become more exposed than they usually are. This is due to the lessening of tooth material around the nerve. This can be due to a small crack in the teeth, due to bacteria eroding the dentine or enamel surrounding your tooth pulp, or it can be as a result of a trauma or an inflammation. Swelling of the periodontium can also result in pressure being exerted on the nerve, which can make teeth sensitive.

It may also be the case that the nerve itself is inflamed or somehow over reacting, but this situation is extremely rare, usually, some form of damage has happened to the tooth in question. 


The solution is, of course, to call your dentist immediately.Usually, you will just notice that a tooth is becoming more and more sensitive. This is a sign that something is very wrong, and your tooth is incurring damage, and the nerve is exposed. You should call your dentist as soon as possible if this happens, as this is usually a sign of some sort of bacterial infection working away at your enamel. 

If the sensitivity hits all of a sudden, out of the blue, the same thing needs to be done, but this time, perhaps it would be wiser to book an emergency appointment. Sudden tooth sensitivity implies some sort of structural damage to the tooth, usually as a result from trauma, or sudden loss of a piece of the tooth. This needs to be taken care of right away, as the sudden sensitivity can become toothache just as suddenly.