Vitamin D As Preventative Measure

Some studies have as their task the review and analysis of existing studies, and trying to find links between them that may have been overlooked or just not explored previously. One such study was published last November, and it had as its goal the analysis of the dental reviews and studies published in 2012. What it found was curious, although not that surprising. 

Vitamin D

While we knew that vitamin D is necessary for bones to remain hard and for enamel to form and that it is good for the hard tissues of the body, but it turns out that vitamin D actually has a role to play in the prevention of caries. The review was published in Nutrition Reviews and deals with analyses of studies ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s. In these studies over 3 000 people were analysed and their progress was recorded over several years. The finding of this new study that analysed these older records was that vitamin D, when administered, reduced the instances of caries in patients by up to 50 per cent. This is an incredibly significant find, and may shed some light on how we can prevent the formation of caries, thus reducing the need for frequent dental work and the fees and costs that are associated with it. 

The Review

The role of vitamin D in bone formation has long been understood. Its role in fighting and preventing caries was picked up in the 50s, but the results then were inconclusive, and different methods and compounds were taken into account. But this recent review casts all doubt aside, and proves once and for all the usefulness of vitamin D in preventing holes from forming. 

It seems that the children who had vitamin D deficiencies not only had poorer oral health and more carries, but their teeth also erupted later and were much weaker, the author of the review, Dr. Hujoel has found. 

The other issue that the study sheds light on is one that is significant in understanding the current trends in our oral health. Vitamin D is on the whole on the decline in the population, and the instances of caries is rising. This also seems to confirm that vitamin D is necessary for the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth.