Wisdom Teeth Emergencies

One of the most frequent causes of an emergency is caused by the wisdom teeth. They tend to affect the other teeth as they are the backwards most teeth and they push on all of the other ones, but they can also get impacted, grow sideways, become infected, have carries, and a number of other problems. Here are some of the problems that wisdom teeth cause. 

Impaction and pericoronitis

A wisdom tooth is said to be impacted when it does not grow out completely from the gums, but instead stays partially underneath the gum line. This is a problem because there is now a hard to clean area with a periodontal pocket from which a wisdom tooth is partially hanging out. This causes a piece of gum to be very easily infected and semi detached from the rest of the gums, which means that it can even become necrotic. 

Proximity to other teeth

As if causing a piece of your gum to become necrotic and dead is not enough, it turns out that wisdom teeth can grow sideways, meaning it can grow into other teeth. There is usually not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt, and this can also cause wisdom teeth to mess up other adjacent teeth in the mouth. By growing sideways, the wisdom tooth can even uproot other teeth, although this is very rare. Usually, the pressure of being pushed causes the enamel on several teeth to crack, and the wisdom tooth also causes tension and pain in the head and neck as well. 


Partially erupted wisdom teeth can become quite infected, and the gums near them can also do likewise. This is because there is now a small gap in which food particles and bacteria can get stuck in and form plaque and cause infections. These infected wisdom teeth are very nasty, and can be extremely painful.

The usual

Aside from all of these already existing problems, wisdom teeth are of course subject to the same kind of problems that all other teeth are subject to as well. They can develop carries, become sensitive and have the enamel scrapped or otherwise burnt off because of acidic by products, they can break, and can have the gums around them become infected or swollen as well. The truth is that it is kind of hard to reach around back there, and flossing your wisdom teeth is especially hard, as they are nestled so well at the very back of your jaw. So they are in fact more prone to caries and infections because you chew with them, meaning they come in contact with all of the food that you eat, and they are hard to clean. The two is not a good combination. 

Get them removed

Most dentists recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed even there is nothing wrong with them. They are not very useful, are not “doing much” and as long as the rest of your molars are in place, your alveolus will not start to deteriorate from a lack of tooth in the area.

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