Aneurysms Associated With Oral Bacteria

Your body will force you to take care of your teeth sooner or later. If the sensations of toothache, bleeding, burning and swelling are not enough, eventually other kinds of problems will arise. Long known is the link between oral bacteria and the plaque that is found in the heart valves and the heartened arteries of sclerosis victims, but researchers in Tampere, Finland have recently uncovered the same associations for intracranial aneurysms as well.

The Study

Using samples from clippings associated with brain aneurysms of 29 living people and 7 gathered from autopsies, the scientists found bacteria in the veins of 21 of the samples, a large enough number to know that while oral hygiene is not THE cause of intracranial aneurysms, it can play a significant role, and is definitely one of the factors that contributes to the development of these deadly episodes. Many of the samples were taken from patients who had recently had ruptures and internal haemorrhaging in their brains. 


Aneurysms are one of the last bastions that still stands in the way of medicine, along with cancer, AIDS, obesity and simply growing old. They are suddenly occurring dilations of the walls of blood vessels, causing the blood vessel to look like a blood filled balloon. They can occur in many different places in the body, but frequently occur in the brain, the heart, the kidney and the abdomen. The blood vessel will grow in size until eventually a rupture occurs, which causes bleeding inside of the organ, and can be the cause of many illnesses, and even death. Frequently people will be left paralyzed or only able to move partially, and will frequently have to relearn to do basic things like eat with a spoon or walk, if the rupture occurs in the cerebrovascular system.


With diseases like this one that have such a (now thought to be) random occurrence and relatively high rates of mortality, what we can do is live lives that are more healthy. We don’t know the exact causes, but we do know of contributing factors. With aneurysms, there is also a hereditary element present as well, so if you know of family members having aneurysms, know that smoking, drinking and other harmful activities are off limits, or only to be enjoyed in moderation, and of course, now that oral health is going to be especially important in your life.

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