Bone Graft Post Operative Instructions

When you get a bone graft, your body will become compromised, and you will be at a heightened risk of contracting an infection and of having some kind of problem. Some of these can be quite severe, but by following the post operative instructions, you should not have any kind of problems. But sometimes these are a little bit difficult to understand, or you may have received some shoddy ones, so let us reiterate them here in detail.

Rest: Strenuous activity, physical labor, sports, sex, dancing, aerobics and any kind of activitiy that will have you move about a bunch is restricted for the rest of the day. Go home, get some sleep, drink plenty of water.

Medication: Whatever medications are prescribed, take them as prescribed. You will be given an antibiotic and a painkiller, the first one is not optional. You have to take the antibiotics, and you have to take the full course, no exceptions. The painkillers are optional, although highly recommended, as you may be quite sore after getting oral surgery. 

Food: Eat only soft foods for the next 2 to 4 days. Do not use a straw to at them, as the suction can remove the blood clot and cause dry socket. The sucking motion may also cause pain in the afflicted area. By soft foods, we do mean soft: boiled potatoes, soft, boiled vegetables, ground meat, and basically anything that can be eaten without chewing. Gradually move on to harder and harder substances. 

Bad habits to avoid: Do not smoke or drink alcohol for the first 48 hours at all. If you grind your teeth, wear a night guard during sleep, invest in one before the surgery and start wearing it. Make sure you do not break these, or the blood clot can be removed and can cause problems. 

Rinsing: You may feel the urge to rinse frequently. This is normal, but do not rinse too frequently, as the blood clot will come off. The blood clot needs to stay where it is. If it is dislodged, you must get in touch with your dentist immediately. Do NOT rinse with mouthwash! Use warm salty water instead, and only infrequently.

Let it be: Do not poke the area with your tongue, finger or anything else at all. Leave it to heal. The urge may be pretty great, as the circumstances will have changed in your mouth, and man is a curious creature by nature. But do not mess with the site, as this may cause an infection.

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