Morning Habits Of Generation Y

The constant stream of information that is the internet has changed every aspect of life for human beings on this planet. Not only have our jobs become intertwined and dependant on computers and technology to the extent that we are helpless without our gadgets, but our social lives are changing too. Social media, and gadgets designed to make access to social media easier are dominating the younger generations, and this is having an effect on their lives and the way their days are structured. 

Morning Habits

One of the most important parts of the day from the point of view of the dentist is when you get up. The first thing on the list should be, as far as the dentist is concerned, brushing your teeth, flossing and in generally oral care. But a recent study in San Jose California interviewing 3 600 young adults found that the most popular thing by far was the use of smart phones and jumping on social media. Some other interesting (or disturbing, depending on where you look at it from) facts were; 90% of those interviewed said their smart phones were an important part of getting ready for school and work, and 70% said that the applications were a major, defining thing in their daily lives.


The implications of this study are a little bit hard to make sense of. I am not sure what the initial aim of the study was, but it did serve a crucial piece of information. Checking your phone should not be more important than brushing your teeth, and should be well behind oral hygiene on your list of priorities. With numbers as overwhelming as these, you can just know that certain, lazier people will definitely skip brushing their teeth if they are late for work, and if something particularly interesting happened to be on their newsfeed in the morning. This may spawn a new type of dental care, and a new sort of niche market in the future, with new types of dental emergencies caused by negligence of morning oral hygiene routines. 

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