Cost Of Root Canals

Root canals are the most common emergency procedure. When a tooth is acting up, it is almost always either damaged by a trauma, or is infected. When a tooth has been infected for long enough, a root canal will be necessary; this is also around the time that it will not just hurt a little, but be completely unbearable. The nerve will get affected by the infection, either because of the bacteria themselves or some kind of immune reaction will start hurting it, or the nerve or the dentine covering the nerve will become exposed to the outside world, and this will also trigger pain and inflammation. And that is why it is the most common emergency procedure, and anyone who has encountered root canal pain will testify that it does in fact constitute an emergency, and one that needs to be handled immediately. 

Cost of treatment

The cost of root canal treatments will vary greatly depending on where you get it done, how many times you need to go back, and which tooth the procedure is being performed on. Usually, root canal treatments start at around 150 pounds, and get well into the 400s before you are done. Here are some of the factors that will make your root canal treatment more or less expensive:

1) Place:

Obviously, a Harvey street dentist is going to charge more than someone in North Finchley, for example, and there is nothing wrong with that, and this in fact does not even reflect upon the quality of the services rendered, merely upon the zoning laws and the price of rent in a given area. A root canal is also a very routine dental procedure, so even a mediocre dentist will be able to perform it without any major problems. If ti si an emergency procedure, you may end up paying more in emergency fees. 

2) Tooth:

Which tooth the root canal is on will definitely affect how much you are paying for a root canal procedure. The more roots the teeth have, the more you will pay. Molars, the teeth most likely to require a root canal treatment, are also the ones with the most roots to them, sometimes 4 or even 5 roots! Front teeth are cheapest and least likely to be root canaled, and they have only one or two root canals.

3) Appointments:

A root canal takes more than one visit. During the first visit, your tooth will have all of the gunk cleaned out of it, and will be filled up with a root filling and an antibiotic filling, and sealed with a temporary filling. Your face may swell up and all, but usually, this is enough to kill the bacteria. and then you have to go back, geta  new root filling and have the tooth capped and sealed with a filling or a crown or whatever may be needed. Often enough, a root canal treatment will require more visits, as the bacteria may not be all gone, and you may need to get several root fillings before you can be done with it. The more visits, the more you have to pay, usually. 

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