Dealing With An Abscess

An abscess is a defensive reaction to some form of infectious material or to a foreign body. It is basically a bubble of flesh around some sort of intrusive material that the body would like to expel. Abscesses usually have an opening, referred to as a fistula, from which the material can pass. An abscess in the mouth is a huge problem, and it means that something has gone terribly wrong for way too long. If it does not hurt immediately, it will very, very soon, because as the abscess gets bigger, the more tissue it will deteriorate, and the more it will press donw on your nerve.  

What Causes An Abscess

An abscess will be caused by a foreign body or some sort of infection in the tooth, or the tooth root, or the periodontal tissue. It will usually be from an infection or a bacterial colony that has gone too deep and has started to form a cyst at the apex of your tooth. This is why abscesses in the mouth tend to be located in the same place; on top of a tooth. 

Abscesses in the mouth are almost always caused by a buildup of bacteria, once they eat through the tooth and have nowhere else to go. An infection of the gums can also result in an abscess, but this is much rarer. 

What To Do

An abscess is definitely a sign that an emergency treatment, right this moment, needs to happen. You risk developing sepsis and blood borne illnesses, not to mention incredible pain, and possibly losing your tooth as well. So the first step is to go to the doctor. 

Once there, you will almost certainly be root canalled, you will be given a medicated root filling, one that will make your infection go away. The abscess may nee doral surgery, in which case it will removed or burst surgically. Antibiotics will be prescribed, and you will need to take them to make sure your infection does not return.