Restorative Work With Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments are one of the main reasons people turn to emergency dental work. They hurt really bad, need to be taken care of as soon as possible, and require more than one session to finish, making them a real terror for patients. Indeed, just the mention of the term root canal is enough to give a lot of people the shivers. 

The Process Of Getting A Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments become necessary when the inside of the tooth, the pulp and dentine become infected and the tooth needs to be cleaned out and the infected tooth pulp needs to be removed. The rootsd are enlarged and an antibiotic filling is pumped into the tooth. The antibiotic then needs to fight off the infection as it stands, and this may require more than one session, where you need to come back and get the same treatment done. 

Tooth Restorations

At the end of a root canal treatment, you may find that a good portion of your tooth surface has been removed or is no longer in a state where it can handle the basic functions that teeth are supposed to fulfill; namely biting and chewing. In these cases, you will need some sort of restorative work. 

A crown is of course, the most severe thing that can be done to you, and this will only be used if most of your tooth has been rmeoved or scraped away to fight the infection off. Usually all of the cusps and most of the tooth body will have to have been removed, and this is when a crown will be necessary to restore your tooth back to it’s proper, good old self.

Usually, though, less drastic restorations are plenty enough to finish the root canal off. An inlay or onlay is much more common, with only a cusp or two, or just the surface of a tooth needing to be restored through dental prostheses, and the rest of the tooth still remaining intact. An inlay is basically just a part of a crown,and not the whole thing, but it is a porcelain restoration of sorts, and only used in fairly severe cases. 

By far the most common restoration used to finish off a root canal treatment is a simple, normal filling that goes on top of the already existing root filling that fills up the roots. Usually the hole that has been drilled in the top cusps of the teeth are small enough to not warrant anything more serious than just a regular, tooth colored composite gradia filling.