Emergency Dental Treatment for knocked out Teeth?

An Adult tooth that is broken can sometimes be reimplanted. In most cases, only permanent or adult teeth are reimplanted into the mouth.

We suggest you to contact Emergency Dentistry's dentists immediately when a tooth is broken or knocked out. An emergency dental procedure may be needed, to reimplement your knocked out tooth. Our multilingual dental experts are available 24 hours a day*, so no matter the day or time, our 24 hour emergency dentists* will be on hand.

Knocked out Tooth Causes:

Knocked out tooths are mainly caused by:

  • Accidents
  • Sports Activities
  • Fighting
  • Motor or Car Accidents
  • Wrong biting habbits in food.

What to do in case of a knocked out tooth

In case of emergency CALL directly Emergency Dentists 24 hour Dental Practice* to make an appointment with one of our expert & qualified dentists. It is best to do this as soon as possible to reduce the rish of infection, and being able to reimplant the knocked out tooth.

(* Emergency Dentists Dental Clinic's emergency service does not mean the 24 hours opening time of either the surgery or the customer care office, however we try our best to receive your call in the most flexible time, early and late hours or let you leave a message on our voice mail service to able to get back to you and book an appointment as soon as possible.)

Knocked out teeth
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