Wisdom Teeth Extraction or Removal

Wisdom teeth are located on the back four corners of your mouth. These teeth usually emerge around the age of 17-25. In many cases there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth, which causes varying amounts of pain, can cause infection and swelling. The best method to treat pain from wisdom teeth is to have them removed.

If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth, such as large amounts of pain and also swelling of the gum due to infection. We recommend you get in contact with us to book a consultation.

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone needs to have their teeth extracted. Only when the wisdom teeth create discomfort do they really need removing. Symptoms usually include pain in the back of the gums, cases of swelling to the gums, or infections happening due to the wisdom teeth only partially growing out.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is the easiest way to stop pain and infections from happening. Removing wisdom teeth is a relatively simple procedure and can be done with local anaesthetics. In more complicated situations the teeth removal can be done via a dental surgeon instead of a dentist.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

The length and type of operation needs to be analysed and tailored made to fit your requirements. As wisdom teeth extraction is made under local aesthetic, the procedure is usually simple and no complications occur.

To reach the wisdom teeth, the dentist will make a small incision to your gum and possibly part of your jaw bone, in simple cases the operation will only last a couple of minutes, but in some cases it can take longer - around 40 minutes to extract the teeth. Once wisdom teeth are removed the dentist will close the wound with stitches.

After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

After the procedure you will need to take extra care as some people will have side effects from the anaesthetics and sedation. Your dentist will advise what should be done, if you still feel pain, due to the procedure and the stitches will be taken out after a week, allowing your gum the heal.

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Wisdom teeth